A shade sail is a permeable material that has been created to provide shading.

shade sail
shade sail

A shade sail is made of breathable material that has been shaded so that air and moisture may travel through, improving ventilation and creating a more comfortable environment.

It does not retain water and is not waterproof since it enables rainwater to pass through.

Its fabric is made of PE, which offers excellent UV protection and can adapt to the outdoors without deteriorating.

High assurance of quality. The sides of this shade sail are curved rather than straight, and it does not come with a hardware kit or rope. It is made of 185 gsm UV-protected high density polyethylene (HDPE) shade cloth, which glows slightly in the sun. enables rain to pass through so there is no standing water. enables fresh breezes and light to pass through for greater ventilation and a comfortable area. Measure and clean the area where the shade sail is to be installed. The shade sail is simple to install and maintain.To add hardware/hooks or ropes, provide a 1.5–2 foot space between the mounting point and the shade sail. Cleaning instructions: Use a light detergent or water; avoid using a brush with harsh bristles and avoid putting anything in the washer or dryer.

The best type of shade is provided by shade sails.

The best type of shade is provided by shade sails. Widely used to give 80–85% shade and block 95%–98% of dangerous UV rays, keeping your deck privacy safe, cool, and beautiful. Commonly used on decks, lawns, gardens, pools, ponds, decks, weirs, patios, backyards, gateways, parks, carports, pergolas, sandboxes, driveways, or other outdoor places. Shade sails are made of virgin (non-recycled) high-density polyethylene, and the fabric is treated with a UV stabilizing agent to avoid drying out, ripping, and fading while allowing air and water to pass through to minimize water pooling and less wind. This significantly extends the life of the shade sails.

Featured style.

  • D-rings that won’t rust. D-rings, which are larger and stronger than those offered by competitors,  are affixed to each corner for simple installation and are constructed of 314 rustproof stainless steel. In order to maximize the robustness of the D-rings, the corners are built with additional sewn seams.
  • Edge reinforcement. To avoid edge wear and distortion, all edges are built with heavy-duty, double-reinforced stitched seams.
  • Contoured edges. In order to maintain the shade sail’s tightness and neatness after installation and prevent it from sagging in the centre for the best appearance and performance, the edges are gently curved based on a carefully calculated arc. Please inform us if you like a straight edge.
  • UV Blocking to 95%. Perfect for decks, pools, balconies, carports, etc., blocking 95% of dangerous UV radiation and considerably reducing summer shade temperatures and UV rays. Breathable fabric allows air and water to flow freely, preventing water pools on rainy days. It is also UV and water resistant and requires no maintenance.

We are a reputable shade sail supplier. Customized features are supported. You’re welcome to inquire about and buy.

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